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YorkshiresDNA traces your genetic inheritance beyond the written record, uniquely blending science and history to help you discover your ancient ancestry through YDNA (fatherline) and mtDNA (motherline) testing. Through autosomal DNA testing you can discover your recent ancestral mix, telling you what proportions of your genome are linked to different continents around the world.

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Chromo2 traces your motherline along every known mitochondrial DNA branch with over 3,000 markers. These markers account for all known mitochondrial DNA lineages. read more



Tracing your fatherline, Chromo2 YDNA tests over 15,000 Y chromosome markers, carefully selected to be most informative, and as free from duplication as possible. read more

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All My Ancestry

Where does the rest of your DNA come from? Over 250,000 autosomal markers power the All My Ancestry test to paint a picture of your recent ancestral mix. read more

Where will your genetic journey take you?

Advances in DNA technology are changing the way we understand our history. Hidden in our genes is a past previously thought to be lost in the darkness of deep time: the origins of our ancient ancestors and their vast journeys across the globe. DNA analysis can shine a light on the past, uncovering our own deep ancestry while ultimately piecing together the epic narrative of how human beings came to populate the planet, and helping to answer fundamental questions about where we come from.

When our common ancestors left Africa many thousands of years ago, forging new paths and populating new lands, they left behind genetic footprints, unique DNA markers passed on through generations over time, markers which can now be identified and traced.

By submitting a saliva sample for testing, you not only take the first step in uncovering your DNA story, but also become part of a national project, contributing to valuable research that is writing a different history of Britain: a people's history.